Director News 7-3-2019

Dear Parents and Students,
FIRST, if you are not planning on participating in band in 9th grade, please forgive the handful of emails you will receive throughout the summer.  We get ALL 8th grade band students promoted up into our Charms account and experience has taught us that it is best to wait until the first week of camp (and we see who actually shows up) before we start removing students from the program.  Please disregard and delete, and know that we will be removing from our mailing list soon!
SECOND, we are in the process of moving to Cut Time and away from Charms, but the process is not yet complete.  This means that emails are not getting to everyone.  Parents, if you know that a friend of neighbor is not receiving emails from us, please forward this on to them 🙂
FINALLY, we mailed out our summer packet that includes calendars, forms, etc. during the first week of summer.  Those packets were sent to everyone who was enrolled in band for next year as of the last day of school, and to the address on file with Comal ISD.  If for any reason that packet did not reach you, I have attached a PDF version to this email.  Next year’s complete calendar is also on the front page of our website (  Click the Google Calendar button at the bottom of the scrolling daily calendar for a monthly view and options for syncing it with your smart device.
I hope everyone is enjoying a restful summer, and we look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Matt Boening

Director of Bands

Smithson Valley HS

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