Oct 2020 Booster Mtg Minutes

Band Booster Meeting Minutes

October 6, 2020

Due to Covid -19 restrictions, the meeting was held via Go to Meeting App. The meeting was called to order by President Melissa Howell at7:32 p.m.  Twenty-Four members attended the meeting.

Melissa asked everyone to review the minutes of the last booster meeting.  Booster meeting minutes are available on the band website (www.svhsband.com).  A copy was also provided at the meeting. A motion was made by Jennifer Diaz to accept the meeting minutes as presented.  The motion was seconded by Rochelle McClanahan.

Treasurer Report:

Rochelle McClanahan presented the Treasurer’s report.  She reported over budget on membership and that senior banners were on budget.

A copy of the current financial report was distributed to booster members.  Rochelle McClanahan stated the report is current as of today.  See report for details.  A motion was made to approve the treasurers report by                                                        Erin Young and seconded by Lynn Kupper.

Band Director Report: 

Mr. Childress reported he is working on approval to hold our next booster meeting in person on the band pad where members can bring their lawn chairs and social distance during the meeting.  We will not be attending UIL this year, however on November 18, 2020 we will participating in a Comal Marching Showcase that will be held at Canyon High School in New Braunfels.  Comal ISD will be selling tickets to this event so parents can go watch.  He is ordering nine busses to take the band to this event, but students that drive can drive themselves to socially distance.

Mr. Childress would like to see an event similar to our fajita dinner/silent auction, but held at the football stadium so we could socially distance, eat a meal in the stands have the silent auction fundraiser and the band would perform.  Booster club will figure out details and two dates to consider are November 6 or December 4th.  He suggested we invite the middle school bands to attend and get on the field to perform with SV Ranger band so they get that experience.  In the event of bad weather, we could move into the cafeteria and have the silent auction items lined up down the B wing hall.

He suggested the idea of putting together a community show or advertising for parents to attend Monday night practices.  We would need volunteers to keep families spaced out in the stands.  He would also like water volunteers on Monday night practices so the kids are not spreading germs filling their camelbacks. 

Mr. Childress is checking with Donna Moore to see if we can increase our volunteer numbers at the October 16th game by four people.  This will help to have volunteers for water duty and to have a booster spirit booth.

He also mentioned we have a large number of students that are not passing and will not be able to attend the October 16 game if their grades do not improve. New uniforms have not arrived yet but scheduled to arrive near the end of October. 

Other Business:

Melissa Howell mentioned she spoke with Nikki Yarborough about donations for the fajita dinner fundraiser and this year most of the vendors that donate food will not be able to participate because their businesses have struggled through Covid-19 closures.  Many items regarding the fajita dinner were discussed and the board will have a separate meeting to finalize plans. 

Melissa also reminded parents to use the Amazon Smile account when ordering from Amazon because booster received a portion of the amount.  Rochelle McClanahan said she will post a reminder on the booster Facebook page about Amazon Smile.  Susan Adams suggested we post it in the individual class pages on Facebook.  Finally, all parents were reminded to complete a background check to volunteer.    Lisa Pattison made a motion to adjourn the meeting and the motion was seconded by Pam Millard.   The meeting was adjourned at 8:38 p.m.