February 2021 Booster Minutes

Band Booster meeting

Feb 2, 2021 

President Melissa Howell called the meeting to order at  7:05 p.m.  Fourteen members were present.

Melissa asked everyone to review the minutes of the last booster meeting.  Booster meeting minutes are available on the band website (www.svhsband.com).  A copy was also provided at the meeting. A motion was made by Pam Millard to accept the meeting minutes as presented.  Motion was seconded by Jennifer Diaz.

Treasurer Report:

Rochelle McClanahan presented the Treasurer’s report. 

A copy of the current financial report was distributed to booster members.  Rochelle McClanahan stated the report is current as of today.  See report for details. 

A motion was made to approve the treasurers report by Lisa Pattison and seconded by Tim Wheeler.

Band Director Report:

Mr. Childress reported that we are gearing up for the winter concert on Tuesday Feb 9, at 6:30 p.m.   The concert will be in auditorium and live streamed so Parents can watch from home.  He wants to continue to have all the students at the entire concert and live stream in the future, even when parents can attend because it gives more people the opportunity to see it.  The last concert that was live streamed had over 2,400 people watching it.

Mr.  Childress reported that Solo and Ensemble will be held on February 27, 2021.  In the past, top two ensembles have been required to perform, however this year it is optional.  They are finding it is harder to get judges this year due to Covid 19.  Solo and Ensemble will still be held in person at SV, but it will just be SV and Canyon High School students.  Mr. Childress said he will need five or six parents to be room monitors to make sure the music and paperwork flows efficiently.  He also wants Band Booster to provide food for the judges that day.  He stated that adjustments will be made for siblings so they can perform in the same time period or for students that have a track meet or other school function that day.

He told the members that he is waiting to get details about UIL this year.  The dates will be April 14, 15, 16, but waiting to see times.  We will perform at Seguin High School this year since we won’t be participating in the one that was previously hosted by northeast ISD.  He will let parents know the details regarding transportation to Seguin once they are determined.  There will not be any visitors at UIL this year to watch the performance.

Winter guard is planning to put on a spring show.  There isn’t a date set or approval yet, but he is trying to do a showcase performance hosted at SV for the four Comal ISD high schools this year.   

Mr. Childress is not certain if we will have a band banquet yet or not.  He stated that he has not been receiving answers from district for anything past spring break.

A question was asked about the band camp scholarship in our budget and discussion was held.  It hasn’t been awarded for a few years, but Mr.  Childress will get more information about it for going forward.

Presidents Report:

Melissa discussed how we lost our main fundraising opportunities this year due to Covid 19 restrictions.  She suggested the idea of a Quarantine Cookbook as a fundraiser with recipes from the band families.   Depending on the quantity printed, the cost could be as low as $3-$5 per book.  She will put something together that can go to the parents and can utilize formsite for the ordering.  Erin Young suggested doing a contest for the cover of the cookbook with the students.

Melissa also reported on a cup vendor that we could use for a fundraiser or for spirit booth next year.

Next month we need to have nominations for committee members and board positions so we can vote on it in April.  Vacant spots anticipated are water chair, publicity and graphic design, nurse, website, spirit booth, props, sponsorship, secretary, flamingo fundraiser, and silent auction team.  Jennifer Diaz stated she will help with section baskets again.

No further business was discussed at the meeting.  A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Lisa Pattison and seconded by Jennifer Diaz.   Melissa Howell adjourned the meeting at 7:55 p.m.