April 2021 Band Booster Meeting Minutes

April 6 , 2021

The meeting was called to order by President Melissa Howell at 7:05 p.m.   Nine members were present.

Melissa asked everyone to review the minutes of the last booster meeting.  Booster meeting minutes are available on the band website (www.svhsband.com).  A copy was also provided at the meeting. A motion was made by Rochelle McClannahan   to accept the meeting minutes as presented.  Motion was seconded by Jennifer Clark.

Treasurer Report:

Rochelle McClanahan presented the Treasurer’s report. 

A copy of the current financial report was distributed to booster members.  Rochelle McClanahan stated the report is current as of today.  See report for details.  Rochelle asked that all invoices that need to be paid are submitted as soon as possible but not later than the end of May.

A motion was made to approve the treasurers report by Erin Young and seconded by Lisa Pattison.

Band Director Report: 

Mr. Andrade reported we have thirty-three entries certified to participate at State Solo and Ensemble.  He is encouraging kids to participate in the virtual contest which is on May 15, 2021.  We will have a live accompanist so fees will be taken for this event.  For twirling, Mr. Childress still trying to find out information. He believes this will also be a virtual event that will be submitted via video recording.  He will be present and he will help them with the recording.

The UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest will be on April 15 and April 16.  Mr. Childress asked for one or two chaperones for each group.  Chaperones will not be allowed into the building to watch bands performance. 

Our spring concert will be held on May 13th.  Details will come as he is trying to have a limited live audience.  He also hopes to be able to live stream the performances of the color guard at this concert. 

Band Banquet is being planned by Rylie Blackmon and Brandon Koop.  They have made contacts and are trying to secure a large affordable venue for the event.  Responses from venues have been slow.  If the event happens, any social media photos posted MUST have every person wearing a mask.  Catering must be served by the catering company, or pre-packaged before delivery.  No one may serve themselves food or drink.  Any parent attending the event will have to sit/eat in a separated area from the students. 

Mr. Andrade thanked Mrs. Howell, Mrs. McClanahan, and Mrs. Diaz for volunteering to participate as our scholarship committee.  Mr. Childress is working on a system of anonymity and will email entries (without names) to each of them to complete a rubric based score.

Presidents Report:

A slate of officer positions was presented by Melissa Howell.  No additional candidates were received from the floor.  A vote was held and the following officers were unanimously elected for the 2020-2021 band booster board.

President – Melissa Howell

Vice President – Jennifer Diaz

2nd Vice President –Erin Young

Treasurer – Heather Wenner

Assistant Treasurer – Rochelle McClanahan

Secretary – Erika Grimaldo

Due to the election of the 2021-2022 officers, the Broadway Bank Boosters account and the Student Activity account, titled Smithson Valley High School Band Boosters need to be updated.  Stephayne Gibson should be removed and Heather Wenner should be added to the signature cards.

Melissa stated the following appointees for committee chair positions:

 Alterations – Heather French and Kim Devadoss

Chaperones – Marisa McBrayer and Brandi Lapsley

Color Guard – Jennifer Diaz

Spirit Booth – Open

Health & Safety –  Margaret Juarez

Hospitality – Stephayne Gibson and Rochelle McClanahan

Pit Crew – Derek Sandhoefner

Props – Open

Publicity – Open

Water Crew – Open

Website – Open

Fajita Dinner Fundraiser – Open

Flamingo Fundraiser –  and Erin Young

Graphic Design – Open

Grill Team – Paul Barton and Charlie Mussel

Silent Auction Committee – Open

Spirit Gift Baskets –  Open

Sponsorship – Open

Senior Mums – Erika Grimaldo

Flamingo Fundraiser – Erin Young and Lynn Cooper

Other Business:

Erin Young asked the board if we could spend $17 per kid to have them trained in CPR and First Aid.  Miranda Young initiated a program called Band-Aids which will help train band students to handle first aid throughout the year.  They estimate this will be about fifteen kids that get trained. Training would happen through the local fire department. 

We have about twenty kids that have submitted recipes.  Asking Mr.  Childress to send out a Cut-time asking kids to submit recipes.  The deadline is April 19th

Jennifer Clark made a motion to adjourn the meeting and the motion was seconded by Rochelle McClanahan.   The meeting was adjourned at 7:48 p.m.