Ranger Band Calendar 2020-2021 (Tentative)

PLEASE NOTE SOME DATES HAVE CHANGED – CHECK YOUR EMAIL AND THE SVHS BAND PARENT FACEBOOK PAGE (see link on the home page) FOR THE MOST UP TO DATE INFO. We’ll also do our best to keep the Calendar tab on this website up to date as things evolve.

Ranger Band Calendar 2020-2021 (Tentative)
Ranger Band Calendar 2020-2021 (Tentative)


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Summer Band + All-State Music 2020

Please check your email for a message sent out today (Monday, July 20) from Mr. Childress regarding where to find All-State Music, codes for joining different Google Classes, and some additional info about summer band. If you did not receive the email, the message will be posted on the SVHS Band Parents page on Facebook (see link on Home page of Thanks!

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News 9-23-2019

Dear Parents & Students,

This is a crazy busy week for the Ranger Band, but it’s going to be FUN!  The band did a tremedous job at the game Friday AND the parade Saturday… the Mystery Tour “roll-out” was awesome!

Upcoming this week:

Friday:  Fair Day – I have attached the full itinerary, but the short version is…

    -8;00am Roll Check in Band Hall, dress is summer uniform with Camelbak

    -11:00am Ranger Band will step off (time is VERY approximate… we are the last band)

    -12:00pm Students need to bring $10-$15 for lunch at the Fair (time is VERY approximante… traffic)

    -3:15pm Ranger Band performs at the Rodeo Corral

    -5:00pm Pre-Game meals are served at Canyon High School / Students change into full uniform

    -7:30pm Kick-Off

    -10:30pm (approx.) Ranger Band back at SVHS and trailer stays loaded

Saturday:  Capital City Marching Contest – I have attached the full itinerary, but the short version is…

    -10:30am Call time at Ranger Stadium, students should be in bibs, gloves, band shoes, Ranger Band T-Shirt & Camelbaks.

    -1:00pm Depart for Austin, students should bring a sack lunch to eat on the bus.

    -4:15pm Prelims Performance

    -4:30pm Prelims Awards

    -5:00pm All Students are fed dinner (time is approximate as we don’t know what time we will perform in Finals)

    -7:00pm Finals begin

    -10:00pm Finals Awards

    -11:30pm Arrive back at SVHS and unload trailer

**DEADLINE (Sat.):  All $$ from Fajita Dinner tickets sold needs to be turned in to the black lockbox outside Mr. Boening’s office

**DEADLINE (Sat.):  All extra tickets not sold need to be turned in to the black box, as well

Dual spot students will be competing for who will march the spot at the game/contest via their performance in rehearsals today and/or tomorrow.  This will only be for this weeks events, next week is a new ballgame.  All students will remain involved with the performance and have roll to play regardless.  

We hope to see everyone at the game AND the contest on Saturday!  Parents, please feel free to cheer the band on at Cap City!  There is always some concern that it’s not allowed… the students need to hear you!  Thanks!

Matt Boening

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News 9-16-2019

Dear Parents and Students,

We are so excited to put parts 1-3 of Mystery Tour out this Friday at our home game vs. Clemens!!  Kickoff is at 7:30 and we hope to see lots of parents at the game cheering the students on at halftime.

We have a pep rally this Friday at the end of the school day.  Students need to wear their band polo and shorts with athletic shoes.  Untucked for gentlemen is fine.  We will go from the pep rally directly to Ranger Stadium for a run-through.  Pregame meals to be served about 5:00. 

Friday’s game will end around 10:00 and students should be ready to be picked up about 10:30.  Dress will be Ranger Band Uniform (with black Ranger Band t-shirt worn underneath).

Saturday is the Bulverde Jubilee parade.  We don’t do buses for this event, as it is easier and less time consuming for most to meet at the parade site.  Students will take their instruments, music, and Camelbak home after the game and we will meet in Bulverde at 10 AM on Saturday.  Tubas and drums will be transported to the site and they can pick them up at 10.  I have attached a map that outlines an approximate meeting spot, as well as places to park.  Students will be finished around Noon.  Dress is Summer Uniform with  Camelbak. 

Thanks, and have a Great Ranger Evening!

-Matt Boening

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First Away Game

Dear Parents & Students,

Here’s what’s happening this week:

Monday – our first “long rehearsal” is this afternoon from 4:30 to 7:30 out on the band practice pad.

Monday – we had our “open house” already (Meet the Band Night)… parents, feel free to come out to the practice pad for a few minutes and watch rehearsal during your student’s band class for Open House.  We will not have any formal presentation for Open House.

Thursday – our first away game vs. Madison HS.  Kick-off is at 7:00 pm @ Heroes Stadium.  Pre-Game Meals will be served right after school let’s out.  Students need to be dresssed in summer uniform, ready for inspection by 5pm.  The game will conclude around 9:30pm and we will board buses to return to SVHS.  As specified in our handbook, students are expected to travel with the band to and from away games and contests unless there is a legitimate need to do otherwise (these should be cleared with a director prior to Thursday, and the appropriate paperwork filled out).  Your cooperation is most appreciated, as it becomes a major student safety issue for us if this policy is not followed.

Thursday PM – We will send out a text alert regarding our ETA back at SVHS so rides can be coordinated.  Parents, if you wish to recieve this alert, it is necessary that you have completed the CutTime registration process and have entered your mobile phone number AND your carrier (AT&T, Verizon, etc.).  We are no longer able to use Remind to communicate with such a large group due to policy changes with Remind.

Friday – we have a “normal” after-school rehearsal scheduled from 4:30 – 6:00 (due to the Thursday game).  Please note that the “Late Bus” does not run on Fridays.  If that is something that your family relies on, students should check with section leaders for possible carpool opportunities, or many parents have been able to connect to a ride via the Band Parent Facebook page.

The students have been absolutely fantastic and the show is quickly gaining steam.  Learning Part 3 (of 5) this afternoon.  I’ll try to post some video to the Ranger Band Twitter account (@svrangerband)!  One more week of Traditional Show, then we’ll roll out Mystery Tour at our next home game vs. Clemens.  Three weeks to Capital City Marching Contest!!

-Matt Boening

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Transition to Cut Time

Dear Parents & Students,
We are finally ready to transition to Cut Time for email, texts, and inventory assignments.  For those of you who were in Charms with one of our three middle school feeder programs, you will receive an invitation later today to create a user name and password for your new Cut Time account.  Each student and each parent will have a separate account.  Please take a few moments to update your information based on the attached .pdf before Band Registration Day on Saturday.  This will save you quite a bit of time at Registration Day.
If you do not receive an invitation, no problem… we will create an account for you at Registration Day.  
I have had several parents request to become a part of our Cut Time group.  I have denied these requests, as it will create duplicate accounts within Cut Time.  All you need to do is accept the invitation once they have been sent out.
Please look closely at the .pdf attached to this email, as it contains fairly detailed instructions about what information is crucial and what information is optional.
If you are not continuing with band this year, you obviously do not need to take any action when you receive an invitation.  We will be working on updating our roster in another week, once we are certain of who is continuing and who has decided to drop.

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Camp Starts Tomorrow

Dear Parents & Students,
Just some quick reminders about band camp starting tomorrow:

  • Students should bring a sack lunch each day.  We will take a lunch break from 11-12.
  • We will begin at 7am each day on the band practice pad (located next to the baseball field)
  • After August 1st, students are required to have a physical on file.  If they do not have a physical on file, they are still responsible for attending all rehearsals but will have to sit out when we are working on marching.  I have attached the physical form we are required to use if you still need to take care of this.
  • Required equipment EACH day for band:
    • Athletic Shoes
    • Cool, lightweight clothing (no long pants)
    • Sunscreen
    • Camelbak (these will be distributed to new members at the beginning of our 1st rehearsal)
    • Pencil (inside rehearsals only… at first)
  • Recommended equipment for outside rehearsals:
    • Hat
    • Sunglasses
  • Students will be required to bring a flip folder with all their music to every rehearsal (indoors and out) beginning Friday, August 2nd.  Students are responsible for attaching a string to their folder so that it can hang from their shoulder, as well as attaching a pencil to that string.  Flip folders may be purchased before or after rehearsals from a member of our Student Leadership Team setup in the main hallway outside the band hall.  Folders are $5, and extra pages are $0.50 each.  10 extra pages is a good place to start, bringing the total to $10.

We can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow!  It’s going to be a fantastic season!

Matt Boening

Director of Bands

Smithson Valley HS

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Band Camp starts next week

Dear Parents & Students,
Just a quick reminder that our first day of camp is next Wednesday starting at 7am.  Make sure you wear lightweight athletic-type clothing (no long pants), sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen.  It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to get out of the house this weekend and do some physical activity out of doors in order to begin conditioning your body.
As communicated at the end of last school year, new UIL rules state that no student may participate in physical activity related to marching band without a physical on file beginning August 1st.  If you have not yet taken care of this yet, I have attached the physical/medical history form to this email.  You may use your personal physician, or TPC Family Medicine is the office who works with Smithson Valley HS.  Students must still attend all portions of camp if they have not yet obtained a physical, but will fall behind very quickly if they are sitting out during the physical activity.
Looking forward to seeing everyone next Wednesday, it’s going to be a fantastic season!!

Matt Boening

Director of Bands

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Director News 7-3-2019

Dear Parents and Students,
FIRST, if you are not planning on participating in band in 9th grade, please forgive the handful of emails you will receive throughout the summer.  We get ALL 8th grade band students promoted up into our Charms account and experience has taught us that it is best to wait until the first week of camp (and we see who actually shows up) before we start removing students from the program.  Please disregard and delete, and know that we will be removing from our mailing list soon!
SECOND, we are in the process of moving to Cut Time and away from Charms, but the process is not yet complete.  This means that emails are not getting to everyone.  Parents, if you know that a friend of neighbor is not receiving emails from us, please forward this on to them 🙂
FINALLY, we mailed out our summer packet that includes calendars, forms, etc. during the first week of summer.  Those packets were sent to everyone who was enrolled in band for next year as of the last day of school, and to the address on file with Comal ISD.  If for any reason that packet did not reach you, I have attached a PDF version to this email.  Next year’s complete calendar is also on the front page of our website (  Click the Google Calendar button at the bottom of the scrolling daily calendar for a monthly view and options for syncing it with your smart device.
I hope everyone is enjoying a restful summer, and we look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Matt Boening

Director of Bands

Smithson Valley HS

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