News From Your Director

October 13, 2016

Dear Parents & Students,

First, I made a mistake in trying to explain this grading period's eligibility procedures in my last email and have caused some confusion. The UIL grade check is tomorrow at 3:55pm. What my last email SHOULD have stated was:

If you are CURRENTLY ELIGIBLE and are failing a class tomorrow, you may still attend Friday and Saturday, as your eligibility loss does not take effect for one week.

If you are CURRENTLY INELIGIBLE and are passing all classes tomorrow, you may begin attending games/contests again on October 21st, as your eligibility gain does not take effect for one week.

My apologies for any confusion my last email may have caused.

Second, we are altering next Tuesday's rehearsal schedule so that our students can get home earlier in order to get a good night's sleep for the PSAT/NMSQT or SAT exams that are being administered on Wednesday. Next Tuesday (October 18th) we will be rehearsing from 4:15pm to 6:30pm, still utilizing Ranger Stadium for as much of that time as possible. Thanks for being flexible!

Click the link to see the Yamaha Cup Marching Contest Itinerary scheduled this Saturday at Rutledge Stadium (next to Judson High School).

Matt Boening
Band Director
Smithson Valley HS