News From Your Director

October 7, 2015

Dear Parents and Students,

If you're in  hurry and want the short version, feel free to scroll down to the final paragraph :)

As some of you have observed, there is a conflict on October 24th between the Yamaha Cup Marching Contest and the 2015 Homecoming Dance. I met with our section leaders and drum majors yesterday to go through some options regarding this conflict and seek their input.

First, let me explain the reasoning behind attending the Yamaha Cup in the first place.  While the UIL Marching Contest is the most important standard we strive to meet during the Fall Semester, I have found that students and parents find it a somewhat anticlimactic end to our season, as we are competing against a standard (Division Rating of I, II, III, IV, or V), rather than other bands. For 9th grade parents, every other year we have the opportunity to advance to the Area and State level UIL competitions, where we compete directly against other bands.  Last year 6A bands were eligible to advance to these competitions and 6A bands will be eligible again next year.  For the "off" years (like this one), many bands choose to compete in a competition AFTER UIL in order to give their students another opportunity to show off their hard work, as well as giving the senior class a bit more closure to their final season.

Given the traditional lack of participation at the Homecoming Dance (it has been cancelled the past two years), I felt relatively safe in choosing to compete at the Yamaha Cup, where many of the bands in our region (along with many from out-of-town) will be in attendance.  This is a prelims and finals event, meaning that, should we advance to the finals it would be an ALL DAY contest, most likely ending with an awards ceremony around 11pm.  After speaking with the section leaders and drum majors, it was very plain that they wanted to go to the competition. When I offered the option of creating our own "Band Homecoming Dance" the next week, they mentioned the proximity to Halloween, I suggested a "Costume Ball," and the deal was sealed.

We will be attending the Yamaha Cup on October 24th at Judson HS.  If we do not advance to the Finals, we will return to school (we would be back around 5pm) and students will have the opportunity to attend the Homecoming Dance (tickets may be purchased at the door). If we DO advance to the Finals, we will not return in time for students to attend the School Sponsored Homecoming Dance on October 24th. Whether we advance to the Finals or not, we will hold a "Band Homecoming Dance/Costume Ball" the next week... date and time to be announced upon confirmation with DJ.


Matt Boening
Band Director
Smithson Valley HS