News From Your Director

November 15, 2016

Dear Parents & Students,

Transportation details have finally been worked out, and we will be leaving around 5:15pm this Friday for Bobcat Stadium in San Marcos for a 7:30pm game against Lake Travis. We will serve a meal to ALL students right after school, and, for all practical purposes, this will be just like a normal away game. We will hold a VERY short rehearsal after school tomorrow (Wednesday), ending by 4:30pm. No rehearsal on Thursday, due to District Band Auditions.

Possible scenarios for Game #3 (if we win on Friday):

A.) Afternoon game on Friday, Nov. 25 vs. Southwest HS at Alamo Stadium (not the dome)
B.) Afternoon game on Friday, Nov. 25 vs. Los Fresnos AT Los Fresnos

Reminder about District Band Auditions this Thursday after school at Johnson HS. This is an optional event... students should know if they signed up. Students are responsible for their own transportation, and some rooms traditionally go quite late. Students should plan ahead regarding school work on Friday.

On a personal note, I would like to express my gratitude for the incredible outpouring of support from parents, not only via the wonderful gift baskets that were presented to us last week, but throughout the entire season. The students put in countless hours of hard work, but they are also very blessed to have a group of parents who value that hard work and volunteer in some capacity. Whatever success we were fortunate enough to have this season belongs to the entire Ranger Band Community and I feel very humbled to work in such a place as this! Special thanks need to go out to (forgive the award show acceptance speech format, and I'm sorry if I have left anyone out!) Mr. Patton, Mr. Bravi, Mr. & Mrs. Carter... and CREW for the hours and hours and hours they spent building of our own Ranger Band Forrest and managing it at every game and competition, to Pam Millard and her crew for keeping us fed and dealing with my weekly curve ball about meals, to the Gordens for their incredible work on the Silent Auction (and the countless other things they do that no one sees), to Mrs. Richison, Mrs. Wells, and Mrs. Pennington for heading up our chaperones each week (triple thanks for "unfair weekend"), to the Pauletti's and the Waclawczyc's (and crew) for keeping the band in uniform and heading up the grilling, to Mrs. Olaez for the enormous effort involved with keeping our books, to Mrs. Thompson & Mrs. Henderson for working tirelessly on the Spirit Booth, Flamingo fundraiser, and Mattress fundraiser, and to Mrs. Snowden for her leadership of this wonderful collection of people, as well as working on that amazing send-off the morning of Area Marching. Thanks also to anyone and EVERYONE who volunteered at any point this marching season. It was truly a great one, and it would not have happened without your support!

Students, thank you for being such a fine group of young men and women, and thank you for wanting MORE this season. Your hard work, dedication, sweat, & toil has established the beginnings of a new culture of excellence within the Ranger Band. This is no small feat, and you have set up future generations of Ranger Band members for even greater success (#payitforward). I am very proud of what you have achieved and am honored to be one of your teachers. Keep up the hard work and let's have an outstanding concert season!

ALSO, Two things:

1. We are looking for someone who would be willing to pull "Little Blue" over to Johnson HS on Thursday. It will contain a light load, so most trucks with a trailer package and a "6-pin" trailer plug would be up to pulling it. We would need it to leave SVHS shortly before 4:00 to beat the school traffic, and would need it towed back after percussion auditions are over (typically around 11pm). Please let me know if you are available/interested.

2. We need some parent volunteers who are planning on going to the game Friday to help unload the top deck of "Big Blue" before the band arrives. We will be running behind due to bus routes and San Marcos traffic and will need to go into the stadium immediately upon arrival if we are going to have a chance at playing the Alma Mater at 7:15. Having the instrument cages pulled down and the cases unloaded before the buses pull in will be key. No need to reply, just consider pitching in and helping out if you're around... the trailer should pull in somewhere in the neighborhood of 6pm.

Thanks, and have a GREAT RANGER DAY!

Matt Boening
Band Director
Smithson Valley HS