News From Your Director

August 11, 2017

Dear Parents & Students,

First: If you are reading this and you are no longer in band, or your student is no longer in band... apologies, and we will be working next week to remove all students from our system who have not been at camp. The program automatically graduates all 8th graders from both middle schools into our account and it takes a little time for the "dust to settle".

Second: What a fantastic start we have had to our marching band season!! The students have been working incredibly hard and the potential is higher than ever! We are so very excited to see what this Ranger Band can do!

Some notes about the upcoming week:

  1. We have an adjusted schedule next week. Monday and Thursday will still be full days (7am to 4pm), but Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday will be over by noon to accommodate campus professional development meetings.
  2. Student registration days take place next week. Band students are expected to be in rehearsal in the mornings and take care of registration during the afternoon registration times (beginning at 1pm each day). We have worked with SVHS administration to set aside parking tags for our seniors and juniors so that they are not at a disadvantage by not coming to registration first thing in the morning. 10th graders will be released from our afternoon rehearsal shortly before 1pm so that they can attend their afternoon registration time.
  3. Thursday is our POOL PARTY!! This takes place annually at the pool complex in the Vintage Oaks neighborhood. It begins immediately following Thursday’s rehearsal and goes until 7pm. Food is provided for students (hot dogs and chips).
  4. Friday is picture day. We will hand out picture forms from Sam Roberts Photography on Monday for students to take home. Please do not send any money or completed forms to the band staff… students will turn their forms in (if they wish to purchase pictures) directly to Sam Roberts or his staff as they take their individual photos. Students will need to wear or bring lightweight gym shorts and their Ranger Band T-shirt, along with LONG black socks with no markings on them. Students who do not yet have their marching shoes will wear their sock for the picture (you’ll never notice they don’t have shoes).

Thanks, and have a wonderful weekend!

Matt Boening
Band Director
Smithson Valley HS