News From Your Director

August 27, 2018

As we all get ready for the first day of school tomorrow, I wanted to address some things to help everyone transition to our new band schedule, as well as point out some upcoming events.


  • After school rehearsals:
    • Students will not need instruments for CLASS tomorrow, but will need instruments for after-school rehearsal (4:30-6:00).
    • Students will need lace-up athletic shoes (like they have been wearing for camp) for after-school rehearsals.
    • Students will still need their Camelbak, sunscreen, instruments, and music (in a flip folder) for after-school rehearsals.
    • Students will REALLY want sunglasses for after-school rehearsals, even if they have not been wearing them up to this point… during the 4:30-6:00 time slot, the sun will be directly in their eyes (a change from camp).
    • Students and parents will want to look ahead at the rehearsal schedule, as some things (mainly our long rehearsal day/time) are a little different from last year.
  • All-Region Masterclasses for Tubas at Horns will begin tomorrow morning @ 7:30am and run until 8:20. These are required for Wind Ensemble & Symphonic I students, but are open to ALL.  Apologies for the short notice, we just couldn’t solidify the schedule with our private teachers until recently.  Wind Ens./Sym. I students, please email me if you have a conflict.  The full schedule (including all other sections) will be posted tomorrow.  This is an outstanding way for students to get some help getting going on the All-Region etudes.
  • We have our first football game this Friday, vs. Midland Lee!
    • Students will have a stadium run-through immediately following school, then will be released back to the band hall/cafeteria around 5:00 or shortly after.
    • Students who purchased pre-game meals will be fed shortly after 5:00
    • Students will get dressed in their SUMMER UNIFORM and line up for inspection around 6:00
      • Summer uniform includes Band Polo, Band Khakis, long black socks with no writing or logos, Camelbak, and marching shoes.  In addition, gentlemen should wear their polo tucked in and wear a black belt.
    • Students will march to the stadium at 6:30.
    • Games are generally over around 10pm.
    • Parents should be available to pick their student up by 10:15 from the band hall/rotunda area.  Please do not wait for your student to text you, as they don’t typically think to do this until the minute they are actually ready to leave. Some have a long drive up to the school, leaving the Band Staff to wait with several students for HOURS after the game has ended.  Thanks for your help!
  • No rehearsal on Labor Day!!
  • 2nd Game is vs. Hendrickson (on a Thursday @ 7pm) and will be up in Pflugerville.  The district has provided charter buses for this trip.


Students, thanks again for your efforts throughout camp!  You are an amazing group of young people, and I am so very excited for our season and our school year!


Matt Boening
Band Director
Smithson Valley HS