News From Your Director

August 5, 2016

Dear Parents & Students,

What an amazing first week we have had! I say first week, but Colorguard, Drumline, and the Student Leadership Team had already put in a week of work before we started on Monday, and the 9th graders had already put in two mornings of marching.

Speaking of 9th graders, these students are truly amazing us every day by how well they rehearse and how fast they learn! Class of ‘20 is already a huge asset to the Ranger Band, and I hope they have been enjoying their time (even if they are coming home exhausted!).

This past week we spent the mornings outside drilling marching fundamentals. Mr. Vereen took them through forward and backward marching techniques, adjusted step size, direction changes, and began some simple playing while marching. The students have allowed us to be incredibly detail oriented (what it take for that many people to all look exactly the same) and have progressed very quickly. After lunch each day, we have been working on music indoors and have so far learned eleven pieces of music in one week (that would just about cover what the 9th graders learned in one year in 8th grade J). And, while we still have a LOT of ground to cover before our first public performance (Meet the Band Night on August 16th @ 6:30), we are very proud of what they have accomplished so far!

On the social scene, those who stayed for the dance yesterday afternoon had a great time, and we have the 4th Annual Band Olympics this coming Tuesday from 5:30-7:30. This is always an awesome afternoon where the sections compete against each other in various relay races, ultimate Frisbee, etc. The next day (Wednesday, Aug. 10th) will be our annual pool party at Vintage Oaks following rehearsal. We need permission forms for this event this year and, while I will be handing out hard copies to students, I have attached a pdf version in case it doesn’t make it home.

Please continue to hydrate in the evenings and bring sunscreen, sunglasses, lace-up tennis shoes, and wear shorts. There was a problem with our vendor not ordering the Camelbaks when they were asked to, but it has been resolved and those will be in early next week J. Also, 100% attendance at all rehearsal is SO critical to what we do. Please schedule doctor appointments, etc. outside of camp times wherever possible, as that time cannot be made up. If you do have an unavoidable conflict, please communicate 24hrs in advance by emailing

We are looking forward to a wonderful season with the Ranger Band and we are already off to a great start! The hardest week is behind us… great work students!!

Matt Boening
Band Director
Smithson Valley HS