News From Your Director

September 20, 2016

Dear Parents & Students,

The band pad is officially forested! Mr. Bravi & Mr. Patton, along with help from many others have been working tirelessly to construct, rehabilitate, paint, and mobilize our army of trees for the show and they are nearing completion! Thanks to EVERYONE who has helped out! We will be taking them over to the stadium tonight to practice with them if you’re available to come watch.

I have attached itineraries for Friday and Saturday to this email, and have listed the announcements we have been making in class below.

Fajita Dinner Ticket $ is due TOMORROW! Please turn your $ and/or any unsold tickets in to the black box in ziplock bag WITH YOUR NAME INSIDE!! Please also include any filled out ticket stubs… these will be entered into a raffle.

Make sure you are bringing in whatever drink your section was assigned for the Fajita Dinner…. They may be left on the counter in the kitchen.

Plan ahead for Friday & Saturday:
    o Summer uniform for the parade AND East Central Game.
    o Bring $10-15 for lunch/snacks at the Fair.
    o We will provide dinner for everyone on the way to the East Central Game.
    o You may furnish your own snacks for the bus after the game if you think what is normally provided
       won’t be enough.
    o Bring fresh clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant for our return to school. Clothing must
       be school appropriate and may be what you normally wear under your uniform if you wish.
    o Bring a sleeping bag or blanket, a pillow, and some type of camping-style mattress pad if you can
       for your “power nap”.
    o Please bring everything you need into the band hall BEFORE we leave for the parade on Friday
       morning… we will not be going out to cars after we return from East Central.
    o We will provide breakfast for everyone before we board buses.
    o We should be back at SVHS by 11am or earlier on Saturday.

Have a Great Ranger Day!

Matt Boening
Band Director
Smithson Valley HS