News From Your Director

September 23, 2015

Dear Parents and Students,

Time is flying!  Seems like we were just starting summer band camp and now we're staring the Comal County Fair Parade in the face, not to mention our first competition a week from Saturday!

Some quick things I would like to put out there:

1.  Parents, please check in with your student(s) regarding their grades if you have not done so lately.  The end of the first grading period is coming up on October 2nd.  If your student is failing a class as of this check-point, they will not be allowed to participate in any band performances (football games AND marching contests) for a minimum of three weeks beginning at 4pm on October 9th.  Students have invested (to date) 174 hours to band this season alone.  Having to miss out on the "pay-off" of our 2nd, 3rd & 4th (and final) marching contests should be avoided if at all possible!  Please encourage them to seek peer

2.  Fair Day on Friday!  I have attached the full itinerary for students.  Parents, the highlights from a parental standpoint are as follows:

• 8am - students meet at the band hall to load trailer.  They should be dressed in their summer uniform and have at least $10.00 for lunch at the Fair.  They also need to bring their Ranger Band T-Shirt and store it in their locker.

• 10:45am - this is the approximate time we will enter the parade route if you are planning to be there to watch.

• 12:00pm - we are dropped off at the Fair Grounds to enjoy the Fair.  Students are on their own for lunch.

• 3:15pm - Ranger Band performs (stand-still) at the Rodeo Corral

• 4:30pm - we are back at SVHS to eat dinner and change into full uniform.  Pizza will be served to ALL students on Fair Day, even if they did not purchase pre-game meals.

• 11:30pm - we are back to SVHS again after the football game, and students will be ready to be picked up.  FYI, we are playing Steele HS, but the game will be held at Clemens HS, as both schools share that stadium.

Thanks, and have a great Ranger Day!

Matt Boening
Band Director
Smithson Valley HS